1. About the Application
1.1. Before starting to use the EU/Schengen Visa-Free Application (hereinafter referred to as the "Application"), please, read carefully the following Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy provided herein.
1.2. Service Description - The Application is a joint project of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the International Centre for Migration Policy Development and the European Union. Users can download the Application for free. It is supposed as a helping tool for Georgian citizens to get information about visa-free travel to the EU/Schengen Area. The Application is for information purposes only and does not give rise to legal liability. Please note that the Application contains information only on visa-free travel to the EU/Schengen Area: border crossing regulations in force in specific countries for visa-free travel; border crossing restrictions in response to Covid-19; contact details of Georgian embassies/consulates and other useful information.

2. Terms and Conditions for Use:
2.1. Georgian citizens/interested persons can get up-to-date information on visa-free travel to EU/ Schengen countries without registering.
2.2. Registering/creating an account shall allow the user to create a travel history, select priority countries and get the latest information about them, receive notifications on the number of days he/she is permitted to stay without a visa in EU/ Schengen countries, as well as notifications on emergency situations/crises.
2.3. To create an account on the Application, the user shall fill the following fields: • Name, surname • Contact details: phone number and e-mail address • Location (country, city) • Account password.
2.4 The user may refuse to get App notifications, as well as alert messages.
2.5. It needs to highlight the importance of timely providing citizens with information in global crisis situations, including during the pandemic. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reserves the right to use the Application, in cases of urgent emergencies, to get into contact with citizens living in EU/Schengen countries.

3. Protection of personal data:
3.1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall ensure the user’s personal data protection in accordance with the Law of Georgia on Personal Data Protection. The Application shall collect and process personal data necessary to provide the Application services to the user in accordance with the national laws of Georgia.
3.2. The registered user of the Application shall be responsible for protecting the confidentiality of information and password to access his/her accounts. The user shall be responsible for any use of his/her account and password, regardless of whether such use was permitted by the user or not. The user shall immediately notify the Ministry of Foreign Affairs upon discovery of, or suspicion of, any unauthorized use of his/her account or password.
3.3. The Application shall not process "analytical data" to identify users and/or their location in crisis situations. Analytical data may be considered and processed as personal data, in accordance with applicable laws of Georgia.
3.4. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall be authorized to share information with Georgia’s diplomatic representatives abroad for the purposes of the protection of citizens.
3.5. By registering, the user confirms that he/she has read and consents to the terms and conditions for use of the Application.
3.6. The user shall be notified of any changes that may be made to the service terms and conditions.